Martin Kubler

Please tell us about your organisation?

Iconsulthotels is a boutique consulting firm headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We support mainly small & medium sized businesses in the hospitality, leisure, tourism, and service industries with innovative operations, sales, marketing, and revenue optimization solutions.

How was the year 2014 for your business?

2014 has been a good year for Iconsulthotels and saw us enter new markets such as Oman, and the USA, but also consolidate our position as the “consultancy of industry professionals for industry professionals” in our core markets, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Which all will be the potential destinations that will bring in valuable returns to your business as well as economy of the country?

UAE business will continue to be driven by Dubai, followed by Abu Dhabi, which will see the completion of some long-awaited mega projects and further infrastructure improvements. Sharjah is likely to continue shaping its presence sin the niche MICE market and we also expect Ras al Khaimah to attract more MICE bussiness. In the wider region, Oman is the destination to watch out for, with new airports and a new convention centre in its capital Muscat set for completion.

What would be the growth marketing and business development strategy for 2015?

The key concepts here are segmentation, customization, and connectivity. MICE organisers and guests are getting increasingly used to being able to customize virtually all aspects of their destination and business experience and they require flexible meeting and acommodation solutions that deliver value for money. Technology will play a key role with better online booking experiences demanded and more innovative technology usage during meetings & events faciltating business and driving down costs

How do you see Expo 2020 as a growth prospect for your business?

Although an important achievement in the history of the UAE, we do not see Expo2020 as the “be all and end all”. Rather, it represents a chance to concentrate and drive the future development of Dubai, but also the entire country, and position the UAE as the premier tourism, business, and MICE destination in the world. We expect to see robust growth in the UAE up to and beyond 2020, but also an increasing chance for UAE-grown businesses like Iconsulthotels to play a leading role regionally and internationally.