Kabir Bedi

Please tell us about your organisation?

I’m an international actorwell known as aMaster of Ceremonies for Corporate Events, presenting stage and television showsacross the world. I have also set up a company, Bedimedia, for the production of films, starting 2015.

How was the year 2014 for your business?

Spectacular! Many big events. Recentlypresented the Lokmat Women’s Summit, moderating every session, all day. Earlier, “Vande Mataram”, India TV’s highly rated series on the 2014 Elections. Even abig tv commercial in Italy. Curently shooting an English film in the West Indies, “SCANDALOUS!”

Which all will be the potential destinations that will bring in valuable returns to your business as well as economy of the country?

The only destination I think about is where to transport the audience in their minds. How do I want them to feel? What do I need to convey? How can I entertain them best? Benefits for consumers, companies and the country all flow from successful accomplishments.

What would be the growth marketing and business development strategy for 2015?

For Events: to convince organisers thatimpressive Presentersmake ALL the difference. They make an event memorable. With all the same ingriedients, only a great chef can cook you anunforgettable meal.Why settle for less? Plan for the best. Budget it.

How do you see Expo 2020 as a growth prospect for your business?

Dubai hosting Expo2020 will be a major catalyst for the entire South and West Asian region. Like Shanghai Expo 2012 was for North and East Asia. I would love to be Master of Ceremonies at some of their big events.Exciting thought!