World Business Travel Scenario

“Oh! What a small world!”. “I had my morning tea in India, Lunch in London and Dinner in USA”. Assuming the phrases to be true, it will not be wrongly interpreted if we believe that they have been stated by some people with briefcases in hand travelling to close business deals. Travel and Business have been going hand in hand since the era of civilisations and following the footsteps the modern day business industry and economy has been significantly contributed by the travel activities of the corporate professionals. With the world following Globalisation and Liberalisation polices it has become an indispensible spend in the financial planning of corporates.

The world is becoming a smaller place every day by the business travellers making easy and frequent access to the world countries. The new business opportunities are opening horizons in markets all across the world for companies that are looking forward to drive business growth. With a developed western world for which the eastern market is the land for opportunities and the eastern world that looks up to investors for their business, has given birth to fast growing business-travel module. Business which is subject to sourcing and servicing, is well complimented by the traditional way of Face to Face meetings that is understood as the most credible way of trade, hence a subset of travel term emerged bifurcating travel from recreational and leisure to business.

Tavelling for business has become one of the most important constituent for the corporate to draw maximum return from the reference for proposals (RFP) shared with the clients. This growing need of business travel has marked the affected industries to derive maximum mileage off the expenses allocated by the corporate for these spend.

As business travel crowds keep their movements consistent during any time of the year, irrespective to the leisure weather condition that calls to be the season for the destination, the airline and hotel industry has the best business opportunity platform to explore. Business travel and corporate tie-ups bring in consistent flow of finances for airline and hotels. These two sectors are highly affected and have undergone changes while following industry trends. Let’s hear it from them;


The scenario which used to be dediated to ‘J’ class for the business travellers has changed manifold with business travel converging to be an economic and cost effective affair. The concept of business class is gaining inclination for a minority of travellers who either prefer to travel in privacy or for a journey longer than 4 to 5 hours. Therefore, the demand for Business Class Travel is now limited to a specific and niche category of travellers where in breaking the taboo a business traveller prefers cost effective and time saving travel options. Hence, exploring the opportunities in the world market the airlines companies have planned their expansion catering to the market needs and achieve absolute gains

An airline is referred to be good when it has a well webbed network of direct as well as connecting flights. These days the Airline companies are paying more attention on the services, cost effective packages, loyalty programmes and greater brand awareness in the target markets. Lately, the biggest hullaballoo in the airlines industry is the introduction of innovation to access wireless internet during the flying hours. The airlines have finally introduced a system to facilitate accessibility of satellite internet in flights these days. With a rise in demand of seat back screens and accessibility to mails on the move by the airlines have worked out to implement provisions facilitating professionals who are always on the move, to access in-flight wireless internet services.

As a good airline, the company has to withhold multiple flight options in a day along with a widespread webbed network, as a result of which there has been frequent updates on alliance partnerships between different airlines. The airlines have also set up MICE departments dedicatedly servicing travellers with a list of multiple meetings on their agendas. For example, Qatar Airways has exclusively set a department that looks into MICE booking. The department is further sub categorised to book Meeting and Incentive travel under certain guidelines and Conferences and Exhibitions under other specific guidelines. These departments are set up to promote stirring corporate business tourism throughout the year. It is a move to appreciate hospitality in the respective country from where the airline company belongs to or possess coverage under its growing network reach.